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Sanela Healthcare Technologies has been delivering technology solutions to healthcare providers, labs and pharmacies. We have been serving for more than 200 customers so far in India. Sanela Hospital Management System and Dental Clinic Software are very popular and highly recommended products in Indian healthcare industry.

During our healthcare journey, we identified the need for a lighter version of hospital management system that is available all the time and accessible from anywhere to cater to the needs of small and medium clinics.

Our Sanela Clinic Management System is built to fulfill the requirements of small and medium clinics. With all necessary security controls, flexible design and excellent user interface, our Sanela Clinic Management Software will help to streamline and optimize the clinic operations.


Access from Anywhere and Anytime

Accessible Clinic Management System from anywhere for Patients, Doctors and Clinic Staff

Highly Secured Cloud Environment

Secured Clinic Software with high security controls to protect data of Patients and Clinic

Multi Device Accessibility

Modern Clinic Management Software Product accessible through Mobile, Tab and Desktop

Excellent Doctor and Staff Interface

Clinic Management System with excellent Interface between Doctor, Patients and other Users


Sanela Pro Doctor App

Sanela Pro - For Doctors App is a Tele health solution that enables Online Practice Management for Doctors and Clinics across the globe. Using Sanela Pro App, Doctors can provide online consultation services to the patients anytime, anywhere.

Download Sanela Pro Doctor App

Sanela Patient App

Sanela - Online Doctor Appointments & Consultations App is an online Appointments & Consultation app that helps patients across globe to receive the much needed medical attention from the comfort of their homes or even while traveling.

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Key Features

Appointment Management

  • Schedule Appointments Online
  • Reschedule Appointments Online
  • Cancel appointments Online
  • Track new patient visit or follow up visit

Doctor Roster Management

  • Easy configuration of Doctor Schedule
  • Flexible to adjust doctor’s leaves and availability
  • Configure New visit and Follow up visit duration and consultation fee


  • Record patient details electronically
  • Collect all vitals through online system
  • Provide cost estimation online

Online Patient Medical Records

  • Patient Summary
  • Past and Ongoing treatment details
  • Past diagnostic reports
  • ePrescription

Billing - Financial Summary

  • Patient Billing
  • Multiple payment options
  • Petty expense tracing
  • Cash flow Monitoring


  • Master Flexible Report
  • Patient associated reports
  • Financial reports - Summary and Detailed
  • Doctor occupancy report


  • Email alerts
  • SMS Notifications
  • Scheduled reports

What Our Customers Say

Pricing Options

Unlimited Users
₹ 5 per Transaction
Pay As You Use
  • Unlimited users
  • Pay Only for Transactions
  • Seamless customer support
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Unlimited Access
₹ 599 per User
User Based Pricing
  • Unlimited usage
  • Clinic staff role complementary for each Doctor
  • Seamless customer support
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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Sanela Clinic Management System Useful ?

    Sanela Clinic Management System is an integrated and secured online platform designed to perform the functions and operations of clinics of any size. We are one of the fastest emerging Clinic Software in India.

    While Sanela Clinic Management Software helps you to optimize the cost of your clinic, it also enables you to scale up your clinic seamlessly.

    With Sanela Clinic Management System, you need not to worry about any technical issues like software development, deployment, server set up etc., Signup and start using it from anywhere anytime.

    The responsive design of application helps you to access it from any device, be it desktop, laptop, tab or mobile with butter smooth user interface.

    The system is designed to perform day to day clinic operations like appointments, doctor consultations, eprescriptions, billing, reports etc., with utmost ease.

    The most important aspect of Sanela Clinic Management System is its flexible pricing options. We offer you two pricing options – Pay As You Use and User Based Pricing.

    We are offering 30 day free trail usage. So, no need to think much, Sign up today and explore the system as per your needs. Our support team is always available to assist you further.

  • How to use the Sanela Clinic Software by Doctor and Clinic staff?

    Sanela Clinic Management System is designed to enable exclusive workflows for each individual associated with clinic based on the role.

    Doctor, Admin, Receptionist and Management are primary roles defined in Sanela Clinic Management Software. The workflows, functions, reports and dashboards vary depending on the role assigned.

  • I don’t have any receptionist or admin; I only manage everything on my own. How can I use Sanela Clinic Software?

    You can perfectly use Sanela clinic management system perfectly. Once you signup, you can assign multiple roles to yourself so that you can access and perform the functions of different roles using same login.

    You can always assign the same role to a new person also whenever you onboard new staff in future without any issues.

  • What is “Pay As You Use” model?

    Sanela Clinic Management Software offers flexible payment options to clinics so that they need not to pay anything upfront, and also they pay less when usage of the software is low.

    If you opt for “Pay As you Use” option, then you will pay only when you use the software. The pricing is based on the number of transactions done using Sanela Clinic Software.

    If the usage is less, you pay less. You pay more only when the usage is more. In other words, you pay us only when you earn.

  • What is the benefit of using Cloud Based Clinic Management System?

    Cloud-based Clinic Management System offers several countless benefits that will result ease of use, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

    The key benefits of using Cloud bases clinic management software are:

    • Installation of clinic management software is not required.
    • No server required to host the software
    • Highly secured environment to protect patient data, EMR data and Clinic data
    • Easy to scale up or scale down
    • Accessible from anywhere anytime for doctors and clinic staff
    • Sanela Clinic Management Software is accessible using mobile, tab, desktop or laptop

    We give the highest priority towards security and data protection in our EMR software.

  • What are the functions that Doctor can perform using Sanela Clinic Management System?

    Sanela Clinic Management Software makes Doctor’s daily practice management easy and efficient.

    • Doctors can update their rosters, schedules, vacations and emergency absence.
    • Doctors can track the list of patients who took the appointments
    • Doctors can check how busy or free their calendar on any day
    • Doctors can dynamically see how many patients waiting for consultation at the clinic at any given point of time
    • Doctors can prescribe the medicine electronically. Also doctor can record the notes electronically in Sanela Clinic Software.
    • Doctors can easily add new medicine to clinic database
    • Doctors can check the past visit history, past medication, previous medical reports, diagnosis reports etc., of any patient through Sanela Clinic EMR system
    • Doctors can generate specific reports to check the efficiency of their practice management

    Sanela Clinic Management System is built keeping in view the ease of use for doctor without creating any kind of distractions while treating patients.

  • How can the receptionist use Sanela Clinic Management Software?

    The functionalities are clearly mapped to the roles in Sanela Clinic Management System. Below are the key roles defined in the system.

    • Doctor: Doctor will have access to roster, calendar, patient list, appointments list, patient queue details, consultation, ePrescription, Patient previous visit history, Patient medical history and reports.
    • Receptionist: Receptionist will have primarily to Appointments, Billing and Consultation modules.
      • Using appointment module, receptionist can schedule appointments, modify appointments and also cancel the appointments.
      • The billing module is used for payments
      • Consultation module is used to record the details of patient before he/she sees the doctor
    • Admin: Admin will have function to manage the user access, configurations, settings etc.,
    • Management: Management will have access to overall reports and status.
  • How to contact you in case if any problem?

    Excellent customer service is our highest priority. We enabled all below 3 options for our customers to reach us whenever they face any issues using Sanela Clinic Management System.

    You can email us at info@sanela.in

    You can call us at +91 9100099193 (Please note, the phone number is active during office hours , i.e. 9 AM – 6 PM IST from Monday to Friday)

    You can also register the issue in our online issue management system which can be accessed through this link : pro.sanela.in

    We try our best to revert with a solution to any issue you raise. In addition to above, we also have a very detailed user manual for you to refer and solve issues on your own.

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